For example, in the governance, risk management and compliance space, you don't have to settle for inefficient systems dependent on cumbersome and laborious query searches over multiple systems and databases generating countless reports about what people did in order to be compliant in their activities after the fact.  Wouldn't you rather obtain compliance documentation in the natural work-flow process?






Companies do not just provide products and services, they are also necessarily information systems confronted with the prospects of tsunami's (yes plural) of 'big data' from this time forward.  They must also begin to apply analytics to that 'big' data in order to further understand their own business and plan for future growth. That data is growing exponentially, increasingly unstructured and in silos.

What would jumping two to three years ahead of your competition do for you?

You see, it really doesn't matter what industry you're in.  You do want to move products and services.  You want to grow.  You need to grow.  The exponential growth of data is a double edged sword for you;  it's a problem and it's also an opportunity--for you or your competitor.  The company that masters their data universe wins.  It's just that simple. With your data unsiloed, and an activity management system that captures your KPI behavior as it occurs throughout the enterprise and within your work-flow processes instead of after-the-fact when everyone steps out of their normal jobs to create the reports that state they did what they were supposed to do back in the past, you will quite likely be years ahead of your competition.

"In my opinion it is disrespectful to even compare it with anything. The capabilities are amazing years ahead of anything else."

- Patty Olinger, Director of Compliance at Emory

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